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Animation Demo
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Commercial Demo
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Narration Demo
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Promo Demo
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Classic High-pitched Betty
Sultry Evil Queen
Enthusiastic Hall Monitor Dog
Raspy New Yorker Lady
Devilish Little Babysitter
Tired Office Worker
Sage-Like Storyteller
Cockney British Pirates
Grumpy Old Man
Quirky Conversational Noom Ad
Playful Ad
Compassionate Humane Society of US Ad
Friendly TurboTax Ad
Internal - Essence Perfume Ad
Comedic Character -Tailored Jeans Ad
Comical Emotional - Save Our Seas dot com Ad
Conversational - Cryptocurrency Convo
Compassaionate Humor - Hospital Narration
Friendly Kids eLearning Dinosaurs Narration
Informative - Planetarium
Mysterious - Disappearance Docu
Playful How To Julia Child Recipe


Baking Impossible Promo
Conversational Bones and Booth - CoziTV
Ghost Adventures Promo
Flyball ESPN3 Promo
VH-1 Throwback Promo


German Language Sample
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French Language Sample
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Italian Language Sample
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British Accent Demo
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German Accent Demo
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French Accent Demo
00:00 / 01:23
Australian Accent Demo
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a little bit about me


I love creating unique voices for quirky, humorous characters, whether for animation, or character-driven projects. I also enjoy voicing narration projects where a friendly, conversational tone or a warm, confident voice is needed to engage viewers in a bit of storytelling, or even to read snazzy words like: pulchritudinous, rhinotillexomania, and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. 


When I’m not in character or narration mode, I’m often recording copy for various commercial brands, from luxury cosmetic and fashion labels to respected healthcare and financial institutions.


โ€‹In addition to American projects, I'm very lucky to get to work with so many wonderful international companies and brands from the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, and more.


I’m also a bit of a techie, so I really enjoy the processing stage of voiceover as well. As a trained musician, I’m pretty tuned in to sound quality. (I also like puns.) I'm pretty speedy on the delivery front, and I'll always give you several reads to choose from in my first pass because options are delicious AND nutritious.


Oh and speaking of music, I love to sing and have sung on many kids animated projects. I also had the great fortune to sing in the Carnegie Hall chorus, in 2019, for the "250 Years of Beethoven, Celebrated!" program.


If you think I might be a good fit for your upcoming project, please feel free to email me anytime. I’m happy to record a free sample for you. Thanks for stopping by!


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