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Welcome, Fellow Techies!


I'm working with a Sennheiser MK4 mic, Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface, and Adobe Audition software (sometimes Logic Pro X) boosted with a bunch of lush Waves and Izotope plugins. Nom, nom. I also have an HP monitor, in addition to my iMac, for dubbing and/or syncing, as well as a usb piano keyboard for music-related projects.

For DIRECTED SESSIONS I can do Source-Nexus Free, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cleanfeed, Skype, phone, etc., or put you in contact with a great recording studio here in NYC for me to record from.

*Thanks to my many years as a professional tv writer, I also offer free script-tweaking for international projects where the client would like their scripts to be read as authentically as possible for English-speaking audiences. 

Education:  Manhattanville College, NYU, The Juilliard School

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