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Welcome, Fellow Techies!


I'm working with a Sennheiser MK4 mic, Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface, and Adobe Audition (sometimes Logic Pro X) software boosted with a bunch of lush Waves and Izotope plugins. Nom, nom. I also have an HP monitor, in addition to my iMac, for dubbing and/or syncing, as well as a usb piano keyboard for music-related projects.

For DIRECTED SESSIONS I can do Source Connect Now, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, phone, etc.


I'm pretty speedy on the delivery front, and I'll always give you several reads to choose from in my first pass because options are delicious AND nutritious.

*Thanks to my many years as a professional tv writer, I also offer free script-tweaking for international projects where the client would like their scripts to be read as authentically as possible for English-speaking audiences. 

Education:  Manhattanville College, NYU, The Juilliard School

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