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Some Work Highlights - 2019 to Present






Tuttle Twins animated web series - Helen Keller, Pilgrim Lady, Copernicus’ Mom, Welder Maddie, Super Visor

Playmobil English: Horses of Waterfall - Harleen, Muriel 

Playmobil English: Pirates: Dark Kraken's Revenge - Pirate Queen Ro 

Full Moon animated short film - Amy (teenage sister)

Homer’s Sumville - Finn, Argo, Bubble Boy, Narrator

BingoBlitz - multiple characters for Chocolate Market, Alma’s Classics, Daubing Duels

WHO Immune Patrol eLearning animations - Juliet (British-German accent)

What If: The Solar System Song - Narrator, Venus, Saturn, Pluto

Epson's Earth Hour Campaign 2024 - Announcer (European Accent)

Revlon UniqOne (worldwide) - Announcer

NBC “The Croods” PSA - Announcer

Aetna - Online & Radio - Announcer

Google Assistant - Dog Owner Character + Announcer

Pepsi - multiple on-the-street characters

Humane Society "We Can't Look Away" - Announcer

Pfizer Covid-19 PSA - Announcer (British Accent)

Ocean Paradise IMAX Documentary - "Jessica" Young Scientist Narrator

Crazy Creatures, Origins of Food, Your Body On (Underknown) - On-Going Narrator

Social Media Educational series delving into the extraordinary mysteries of wildlife, worldwide cuisine, and the human body.

Sephora, Dior, Prada, Yves St. Laurent - Corporate Video Narrator (American, French, Italian accents)

Penn State University "Customer Discovery" - online business e-learning - Narrator

Evenbrite - 10 Explainer Videos - Narrator

VH-1’s Throwback Thanksgiving Marathon - Valley Girl VO

CoziTV - "What Did Carrie Say?", "Bones & Booth Love Story" - Character & Narrator

AKCtv - On-Going Announcer 

Harley Quinn: Blazing Shadows live action short film: Poison Ivy 

WWII PBS Documentary - French Granddaughter (French Accent)

YAZ Patient Testimonial Video - German accent

Gold Telly Award 2023 - Tuttle Twins (Online Series: Education & Discovery (voiced some fun characters)

Silver Telly Award 2023 - What If: The Solar System Song, Underknown (Social Video General-Education & Discovery -  (Narrator, Venus, Saturn & Pluto)

OVA 2022 nomination - VO Artist of the Year

OVA 2022 nomination - Best TV/Web Promo VO

Undie Award 2021 - Outstanding Achievement in Voiceover Acting for Crazy Creatures, Origins of Food & Your Body On narration

OVA 2021 nomination - Best Overall Performance in Movie or Video Game Trailer

OVA 2021 nomination - Best International VO

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