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Some Work Highlights - 2019 to Present

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Playmobil English: Pirates: Dark Kraken's Revenge - Pirate Queen Ro 

Playmobil English: Horses of Waterfall - Harleen, Muriel 

Tuttle Twins animated web series - Helen Keller, Pilgrim Lady, Copernicus’ Mom, Welder Maddie, Super Visor

Full Moon animated short film - Amy (teenage sister)

Homer’s Sumville - Finn, Argo, Bubble Boy, Narrator

BingoBlitz - multiple characters for Chocolate Market, Alma’s Classics, Daubing Duels

WHO Immune Patrol eLearning animations - Juliet (British-German accent)

What If: The Solar System Song - Narrator, Venus, Saturn, Pluto

Zillow radio/online ads - Loan Broker character

Epson's Earth Hour Campaign 2024 - Announcer (European Accent)

Revlon UniqOne (worldwide) - Announcer

NBC “The Croods” PSA - Announcer

Aetna - Online & Radio - Announcer

Google Assistant - Dog Owner Character + Announcer

Pepsi - multiple on-the-street characters

Humane Society "We Can't Look Away" - Announcer

Pfizer Covid-19 PSA - Announcer (British Accent)

Disney "World Storytelling Day" Sizzle - Angela Lansbury-esque character & natural VO

Ocean Paradise IMAX Documentary - "Jessica" Young Scientist Narrator

Crazy Creatures, Origins of Food, Your Body On (Underknown) - On-Going Narrator

Social Media Educational series delving into the extraordinary mysteries of wildlife, worldwide cuisine, and the human body.

Sephora, Dior, Prada, Yves St. Laurent - Corporate Video Narrator (American, French, Italian accents)

Penn State University "Customer Discovery" - online business e-learning - Narrator

Evenbrite - 10 Explainer Videos - Narrator

VH-1’s Throwback Thanksgiving Marathon - Valley Girl VO

CoziTV - "What Did Carrie Say?", "Bones & Booth Love Story" - Character & Narrator

AKCtv - On-Going Announcer 

CBS News "60 Minutes" TBD - Taty, Cecilia & Mariana

Harley Quinn: Blazing Shadows live action short film: Poison Ivy 

WWII PBS Documentary - French Granddaughter (French Accent)

YAZ Patient Testimonial Video - German accent

A Good Life (by Virginie Grimaldi) - international best-seller from France

NY Festival Award 2007 - Oxygen Network, "Supersize the Supermodel" interstitial series (Valley Girl character VO)

Gracie Award 2007 - Oxygen Network, "Supersize the Supermodel" interstitial series (Valley Girl character VO)

Telly Award 2007 - Oxygen Network, "Supersize the Supermodel" interstitial series (Valley Girl character VO)

Gold Telly Award 2023 - Tuttle Twins (Online Series: Education & Discovery (voiced some fun characters)

Silver Telly Award 2023 - What If: The Solar System Song, Underknown (Social Video General-Education & Discovery - Narrator, Venus, Saturn & Pluto)

OVA 2022 nomination - VO Artist of the Year

OVA 2022 nomination - Best TV/Web Promo VO

Undie Award 2021 - Outstanding Achievement in Voiceover Acting for Crazy Creatures, Origins of Food & Your Body On narration

OVA 2021 nomination - Best Overall Performance in Movie or Video Game Trailer

OVA 2021 nomination - Best International VO

AAA Travel ad
Aetna healthcare radio ads
AKC tv pet and animal care and entertainment
Bingo Blitz video game
TV network VoiceOver
Dior fashion brand
The Goddard School educational informative videos
Goldman Sachs financial ad
Google ads
IMAX documentary narration
Epson Earth Hour campaign
Eventbrite how-to video
Nationwide insurance internal video
J.P. Morgan Chase financial tags
NBC The More You Know PSA
Nickelodeon animation
Oxygen Network tv promos
PayPal financial videos
Penn State University educational course e-learning
Pepsi commercial
Pfizer PSA
Playmobil animated characters
Prada high fashion brand
Revlon beauty and hair brand
Sephora makeup beauty brand
Tuttle Twins animated series
Verizon phone and wireless internet brand
VH-1 tv music brand
The Walt Disney Company animation
World Health Organization
Yves St. Laurent luxury perfume beauty makeup fashion brand
Zillow real estate radio ads
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